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Songs from OURS New Album



Jimmy Gnecco is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Under the moniker of OURS, he signed to Dreamworks in 1997 and OURS' first record 'Distorted Lullabies' was released in 2001 and produced by Steve Lillywhite and Gnecco. The follow-up record 'Precious' was produced by Ethan Johns and was released in 2002. For the third record Gnecco would sign with Rick Rubin's label American Records. Gnecco teamed up with the production genius of Rick Rubin for 2008’s release ‘Mercy’ (Columbia/American). In 2010, Gnecco released his highly anticipated self-produced first solo acoustic record, ‘The Heart’ and followed it in 2011 with the release of ‘The Heart: X Edition’ in which Gnecco built upon the intimacy of his solo album with a lush full band version of the record.

OURS followed up ‘Mercy’ in 2013 with a re-inspired and resurgent self-produced release ‘Ballet the Boxer I,’ the first of a 3 record series that built upon the moody, soulful and epic sound captured on ‘Mercy' but with a greater sense of urgency that transcended the music’s emotional pitch. In the spring of 2014, Gnecco completed 10 tour dates in support of Lana Del Rey. He has been in the studio for years writing, recording, and producing the second and third chapters of this 3 record series.

Chapter 2 ‘New Age Heroine’ has just been released in November of 2018. It brings Gnecco back to the core of what he and his brand OURS have been all about. Music that reaches deep into one’s heart, touches the soul, and lifts the spirit. In 2019, OURS will release Chapter 3 ‘Spectacular Sight,’ OURS’ most exciting record to date, and one that was made to be played in stadiums around the world. 

Gnecco has received worldwide acclaim from critics and fans for his and the band’s live shows and for his dynamic voice and songwriting style. He has developed a cult-like following that continues to grow.