Songs from OURS upcoming Album

Spectacular sight




The music of OURS is a reflection of us all. It is often described as both cinematic and emotional, raging from the most dramatic of crescendos, to the most subtle of dynamics, as evidenced on the forthcoming OURS album Spectacular Sight.

Meticulously crafted and produced around the clock for over five years by band leader Jimmy Gnecco and his gang, Spectacular Sight realizes the vision of creating a record that is built to satisfy a stadium full of screaming fans, while being personal enough to allow everyone to have their own experience with the songs.

The urgency and excitement that encompasses Spectacular Sight is brave and powerful…sometimes raw in its approach with Gnecco’s primal scream on the powerhouse “Bring It On,and at other times lush in its production with entrancing songs like “Your Man” which thrusts listeners through an embracing sonic tunnel. The music is symphonic at times as displayed on “Burn,”  “Eternally,” and “Eyes.” Followed by a wide array of music admirers such as the late Chester Bennington who often declared Gnecco his “favorite voice in the world,” Rick Rubin, Duff McKagan, Lana Del Rey, A-Ha, Tom Morello, Ian Astbury, Jacob Dylan, Marilyn Manson, and Richard Patrick of Filter, Gnecco has this unique ability to conjure emotions and melodies and sonically translate them into uplifting songs like “Across the Clouds” and “From Where You Are.” 

Gnecco performs many of the instruments himself, but when he doesn’t, he utilizes the band to execute his ideas, or elevate them when needed. April Bauer added a mystical presence to several tracks on keyboard and piano, in addition to singing backing vocals on many songs and co-writing “You Are the Answer,” and “From Where You Are and even playing drums on “See the Light.” Chris Goodlof provided some hard hitting bass and electric guitar, and Static’s electric guitar is also eloquently sprinkled throughout the record. Halfway through the process of making the record Gnecco rounded out the band with a group of young musicians (Chris Iasiello on drums, Mikey Iasiello on guitar, and Carmelo Risquet on bass) that he had mentored for years prior. “We spent so much time working together that it felt most natural for this to become the band. They’ve brought a great energy to the record and the band.”

For Spectacular Sight, some outside musicians were also enlisted to broaden the reach of the songs. The incredible Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots played bass on the track “Believe,” PJ Farley played bass on “You Are the Answer”and “Screaming Out,” Isaac Carpenter (Awol Nation, Loaded, Loudermilk, Adam Lambert) played drums on a few tracks, Nick Perri (Silvertide, The Underground Thieves) played a guitar solo on “Bring It On” and Stephan Hovsepian enhanced many of the tracks with his violin performances. Spectacular Sight also features some backing vocals and a feature on “Burn” from the amazing young talent Hannah Gernand.  

Spectacular Sight realizes a 3-part collection that began earlier this decade with the recording of 100 songs. Gnecco realized that many of these songs would fit together as a long story but he didn’t want to release a double or triple album. So in considering this collection of songs written from his childhood to modern day, Gnecco began to put together an arc that could tell a story. “It’s about the human condition and one’s journey in life as they climb from hell to eventually find the it within themselves to love and be loved.” For the first OURS record Ballet the Boxer (2013), Gnecco would go back to a feeling of youth and adolescence and all that comes with it, with raw recordings to give an honest sense of youthful moments. After the release of Ballet the Boxer and due to Gnecco’s frame of mind at the time, he actually worked on completing part 3 Spectacular Sight first, but somehow did complete Part 2 New Age Heroine (2018) instead. Rather than wait as originally planned and liberated from years of contractual obligations to major and indie record labels, Gnecco felt the freedom to spontaneously drop the record on fans nearing Christmas time without much warning or promotion. For OURS fans, New Age Heroine offered something that felt very familiar, but still offered a glimpse at what is to come from OURS. Gnecco wrote it all, recorded it, played many of the instruments, produced and mixed it. His company Cage Recording Co. released it, no major labels - which is where the OURS professional history began.  

Gnecco signed to Dreamworks Records in 1997 under the moniker of OURS, and created a rock-cult classic in 2001, the extremely textured and vulnerable first record Distorted Lullabies produced by Steve Lillywhite and Gnecco. Distorted Lullabies achieved moderate success with the self-produced single “Sometimes” that gained heavy radio airplay and landed on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart, garnered MTV music video rotation and nationwide recognition for OURS. The follow-up record Precious was released a year later and produced by Ethan Johns that yielded the single “Leaves” which also garnered radio and music video rotation on MTV. Following the collapse of Geffen’s imprint label Dreamworks, Gnecco then signed on with legendary producer Rick Rubin and his label Columbia/American Records. Rubin left Gnecco at the helm entirely and said “I love you. Go make your record.” This yielded the gloriously lush, bombastic, empathetic Mercy released in 2008, arguably the most beautiful record from the OURS catalogue at the time.

Over the years, OURS would go on to tour with Marilyn Manson, Filter, Powderfinger, The Cult, A-Ha, The Wallflowers and Lana Del Rey. They have also played an unthinkable number of headline dates across the US, Canada and Europe throughout the years, building their cult audience on what can be described as a truly powerful live experience. Gnecco has been described as one of the greatest male vocalists of his time, and the live show is what has always drawn the fans in.

OURS released “Stronger” on the 2016 TRANSFORMERS Roll Out album (Hasbro Studios) inspired by the popular films. OURS music has been featured in TV shows such as CSI and NCIS as well as feature films such as academy award winning Zero Dark Thirty. Other OURS musical highlights include a track recorded with Queen’s Brian May for the Spiderman 2 soundtrack, plus Gnecco’s performance as the lead singer with reunited musicians from Guns N Roses for the Road Recovery 2011 charity concert.

The forthcoming Spectacular Sight aspires to cover the entire spectrum of what OURS has to offer the world. Gnecco says “It feels like the record I was born to make.